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Fruit@Office is a service that delivers seasonal fresh fruit to companies

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  • Selection

    Fruit@Office offers its subscription options to help you make savings and simplify your day-to-day management of the service.

  • Free delivery

    We deliver free within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

  • Health

    Low in calories and fat-free, fruit is rich in water, dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and protective compounds such as antioxidants. In addition to these obvious benefits to health, the Fruit@Office service also offers conviviality, energy and good humour!

Our BoxFormulas

The best of seasonal fruit: Raspberries, Yellow kiwi, Plums, Seedless pink grapes, White peaches, Nectarines, Bananas, Dried fruit,… (our selections vary with the seasons). Fruit@Office PREMIUM is:

  • 35 pièces* of fruit chosen by our specialists
  • 9 to 11 different varieties, depending on the season
  • Ready to eat
* Possible presence of nuts.

The essential types of fruit: Jazz apples, Pink Lady apples, Golden Cape apples, Conference pears, Forelle pears, Chiquita bananas,… (our selections vary with the seasons). Fruit@Office BASIC is :

  • 35 pieces of fruit chosen by our specialists
  • Ready to eat

To guarantee high-quality fruit and care for the environment at all times, we propose the ORGANIC selection: Organic Pink Lady apples, Organic plums, Organic dried fruit, Organic pears,… (our selections vary with the seasons). Fruit@Office ORGANIC, is:

  • 35 pièces* of fruit chosen by our ORGANIC specialists
  • 6 to 8 different ORGANIC varieties, depending on the season
  • Ready to eat

* Possible presence of nuts.

FRESH’CUT is pre-cut fruit in resealable punnets with a fork included:

  • 100% fresh
  • Preservative-free
  • Produced locally in Luxembourg
  • A superior quality product

Ecological and easy to eat : organic potatoes, organic carrots, organic zucchinis and other organic vegetables (our varieties may change with the different seasons). We can easily deliver the boxes at your workplace so that you can carry it at your home.

Our organic vegetable formula:

  • A minimum of 35 organic* vegetables (6-7kg)
  • 6 to 8 different organic varieties
  • Freshness of the products and easy to eat

* Presence of allergens.

Testimonials of fruit lovers

  • "There is no better way to start off your day, then eating a fresh piece of fruit. I am very glad that our company chose to incorporate the F@O service. Furthermore, all of our employees get the chance to discover new varieties of fruit, since the content is constantly changing with the different seasons."

    Sophie A, Société Générale Bank& Trust

  • "We had the idea to promote health at work in order to please our employees. We did not expect that everybody would be impatient for Tuesday to arrive since we get deliveries that day. A real meeting point has been created :) "

    David Gavroy, CEO Noosphere

  • "Our employees are impatient to receive their Fruit@Office Box at the office, in order to enjoy products of high quality and great variety"

    Goblet Lavandier & Associés Ingénieurs-Conseils S.A.

  • "We are offering Fruit@Office boxes to our employees since the 4th of January 2011. In return, they feel accredited with a positive impact on their psyche which leads to an increased motivation"

    Pierre Back, DRH at Banque Raiffeisen

  • "Fruits are way healthier than chocolate bars or pastries. Fruits are allies of our body and prevent all sorts of illnesses."

    David Blondiau, Nutritionist