1. What is Fruit@Office?

Fruit@Office is a positive, innovative approach. No more untimely, unhealthy snacking! Fruit@Office meets all the latest workplace requirements in terms of conviviality and vitality: now you can have a healthy, tasty snack!


We deliver our Fruit@Office (35 pieces, 6-7 kg, 4 different varieties) to your office from Monday afternoon to Friday.


Even the smallest companies can use our service, as we begin delivery from 1 Fruit@Office Box on. All our deliveries are free within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Out of a permanent concern for ethics and fairness, for each Fruit@Office distributed, we redistribute the equivalent of one Euro (fruits) to organizations working to support the underprivileged persons.


So , with Fruit@Office, health and solidarity win every time!

2. Why should you set up a fruit delivery service in your company?
1. To give your workers energy; 2. To raise morale and thus improve efficiency; 3. Reduce absenteeism; 4. To create a vitamin-filled, easy, rapid break; 5. To give pleasure to your employees and provide a pleasant welcome for your visitors, partners and customers; 6. To show appreciation for your employees, visitors, partners and customers with this healthy gesture ; 7. To strengthen your image as a “Responsible” employer concerned about the well-being and health of your employees; 8. Delivery of fresh fruit on a regular or occasional basis according to your needs, for your meetings and events and to show that you value your visitors;
3. Can I make my own selection of fruit? What are the different Fruit@Office options? How much are they?
Our specialists do the job for you by selecting only the tastiest and freshest seasonal fruit, thus guaranteeing the best quality.   We can provide a variety of options.
4. What's the minimum Fruit@Office delivery?
Even the smallest businesses can use our service because we deliver from one Fruit@Office.    Please note that all our deliveries are free in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
5. What are the delivery times?
You choose the date and let us know when you would like your delivery.  Depending on our courier’s availability, we will do our utmost to comply.  However, please note that certain factors are beyond our control: traffic jams, delays, problems caused by bad weather, difficulties in finding an address…   N.B. our deliveries take place from Monday AFTERNOON to Friday.
6. What do I do with the packaging?
All our packaging can be re-cycled. 
7. How can I contact you directly?
By telephone: (+352) 403 703 914 Or by using the contact form.
8. Where does the fruit come from?
We give preference to fruit from Luxembourg, the Greater Region and Europe.   However, to ensure the highest quality, we have to follow seasonal trends in the northern and southern hemispheres.
9. Is the fruit washed?
The fruit is not washed to ensure longer life.
10. I would like a regular fruit delivery. What should I do?
We suggest you take a look at the various subscription options available via this link.   You can then place your order directly online.    From order to delivery, Fruit@Office’s policy is aimed at respecting the product and satisfying the customer.  For a more detailed explanation, click on the various numbers below to learn more about the different stages in the process.
11. When and how can I place an order?
We suggest you take a look at the various subscription options available via this link.   You can then place your order directly online.
12. How long will my fruit order take before it arrives at my workplace?
If you place your order before midday, it will be delivered to you the next day.    If your order comes in after midday, it will arrive two days later.    There are no deliveries at the weekend, orders placed after midday on Thursday and before midday on Monday will be delivered on Tuesday.
13. What should I do to keep the fresh fruit at the office?
Don’t store the fruit in hot places (close to radiators, heaters or in the sunshine).   You don’t need to keep the fruit in the fridge.
14. How long will the fruit stay fresh after delivery?
The fruit stays fresh for  3 days to one week maximum. 
15. What payment methods are available?
We offer 3 payment methods: by credit card on our website for all Turbo option orders, by payment into an account or by bank transfer in the case of subscriptions.
16. When I receive the order, do I have to pay delivery costs?
No, delivery is free in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
17. I’m not satisfied with my order, what can I do?
If your order hasn’t arrived in good condition, call us on 403 703 914 or send an email to contact@fruitatoffice.com  explaining what has happened and we’ll solve the problem.
18. Is it possible to receive fruit automatically, without always having to place an order?
Yes, send us an email to contact@fruitatoffice.com, place your order online or call us on 403 703 914.   Tell us what you want to receive, the delivery date and frequency and we’ll take care of the rest.
19. What are the delivery days?
Deliveries take place from Monday afternoon to Friday.
20. What happens if the recipient is absent at the time of delivery?
If the deliverer arrives and there is no one there, he’ll try to contact the person responsible.   If the person is not available, the order will be delivered the following day (with an additional delivery charge).