Magnificent colours, varied shapes, textures and flavours and a wide range of nutritional virtues: fruit certainly has all the advantages!


The nutritionists suggest that we should eat 5 portions of vegetables and fruit every day.


Low in calories and fat-free, fruit is rich in water, dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals and protective compounds such as antioxidants. In addition to these obvious benefits to health the Fruit@Office service also offers conviviality, energy and good humour!

  • A healthy, positive brand image.
  • The best quality for your employees.
  • Enthusiastic reactions from your employees.
  • Fruit@Office contributes towards good humour at work;
    The area where the box is on show becomes a convivial meeting-point.
  • Free weekly delivery.
  • No need for a restrictive contractual commitment.
  • A varied selection
  • An all-inclusive service

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